Monday, December 14, 2009


I gained conciseness slowly. Almost to slowly. I'm still a wolf. I know now that nothing can change that. I don't know how I know I just do. I knew that I would never see my parents again. Never see my classmates. Well maybe Jordan when I'm in the spirit world. I knew that the human just couldn't lead this kind of life the wolf knew this to. She knew that without other human I would be just an empty shell, a ghost of my former self. She thinks she knows a way out. A way we could both still live but I wouldn't have to bear so much pain. The only reason I'm thinking of these things is because I thinks it may be day 14 or 13, remember I was knocked out and kept unconscious in a underground cell. Perhaps I could become the alter ego. We knew that one could not live without the other. Literally. I cant die without her killing her and she cant die without killing me. Perhaps I should let her take over. If she ever wanted me I would be right her in her body, mind and soul. I would have the powers, she could call upon me anytime I was needed. I would do it I would become the alter ego. She can live off her instincts. If she was attacking a friend or something she shouldn't or she was in danger I could come to the rescue. We would live on the island. Perhaps join one of the packs. I had seen were wolves here perhaps I can join them. I can think about this later now it's time. There is a flash of rainbow lights and suddenly its like I don't exist anymore. Or rather I do exist just I don't just a body kind of like a ghost, but I'm in a body it's just not mine. It's confusing and hard to explain. I step back and for the first time I hand the control over to the wolf. She knows what to do. It's strange not having control of this body. She runs to the lake. She finds a scent. A mix of man and wolf. Hows this possible? It's a fresh scent so we should find out in a couple of minutes. 2 minutes later we Cross the path of two things that look like Lupin (where wolf form) from Harry Potter. But instead of pretty much bald one has golf fur, the other has brown. One is Mr Lyttle. If I hadn't left him I knew he would have found a way back, now look at him. I feel this is all my fault. Meanwhile the wolf makes a gesture of wolf friendship. They make the same one back at her. Then they lead her off to a camp of werewolves its not really a camp more of a den. The wolf knew we would fit in here. This was our knew pack. She looked to the sky and saw a strange site a big sliver ship in the air then flying off the island. I knew at once that many of my class mates had been on that ship. A great sorrow filled me and shook me to the bone. I would never go home. Probably never see another human ever again. I howled in sorrow. Mr Lyttle was the first to join on. Then the rest started. A corus of howling filling the afternoon air. "Goodbye!" It seemed to yell. From this moment forward I am sworn to secrecy I have already shared with you to much about the pack life. I must say no more, but I am leading a wondrous and free life as a wild wolf.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learning earth

I was in space. It wasn't cold and a could breath fine. It wasn't space. Some creepy things appeared in front of me. "Cairo" My ears prick up at the sound of my human name. [My name is not Cairo. That is my human name, other animals call me Alade] I didn't know why but it felt like my true name. "That is good but it is not what we are joined for"
[Well then lets get on with it]
"Of course. Lets get on with it then" As we stand there I fell a sudden warmth come over me. "You have a lombax friend, Jordan, correct?"
[Yes] I suspect he's trying to distract me. I feel why. The calm warmth grows angry and red hot. I try and suppress it. [Why do you ask?]
"He is traveling to this land as we speak" The pain subsides slightly. "The pain is part of learning. It will happen every time you ask something of us. I have imprinted the instructions on the power of earth into your mind. Use them wisely"
[One more thing were is Jordan?]
"He will be here in about five minutes. Good bye Alade"
[Cya] He melted away with the rest of the scenery. I was in the spirit world. Some one approached me. It was Jordan. Still a lombax. I ran towards him. [Where is Lola? How did you get here?] When we reached each other I turned human. "Jordan! Why are you here?" He looked at me for a moment in a sanded and confused kind of look. Finally he asks me "Where are we?"
"Where in the spirit world. Our wings should arrive soon. What color do you want them?"
"Can I have gold eagle wings?"
"Of course you can. You can have anything you want here" After this little conversation I ran over to the nearest wing order building. "One gold eagle and one black angel. Thanks"
I run back to Jordan "They will be here in 3 2 1" Our wings arrived. I didn't know how I knew how to do this. All I knew is that Jordan was here. Suddenly all the anger and stress he had caused me just floated away. All I knew was I couldn't give a damn about the past. "You died?" He asked carefully. "No. I'm a spirit. Spirit's can travel to this world whenever they like. I can do anything here this is my second home" It was my turn to ask him.
"So why are you here?"
"I was sucked into a video game and killed by the intense heat"
"Is Lola here?"
"I haven't seen her. We should go for a fly around" Saying this I took off with my new wings. It felt awesome. I couldn't reach the speed I can on my air board, but its still fun. Jordan disappears. So does the spirit world. I must be waking up.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Eventually I must have fallen asleep. It was warm when I got up. Around 7:00 am judging by the shadows. Today I will learn to control my powers. First up water. I ran down to the seashore. Once I got there, I made small waves in the ocean. Then a small ball of water I made it come out of the sea. I dropped it on me I was so hot but the water was to salty. Time to learn to fly on the winds. It took a little while for me to learn. I concentrated really hard on the wind. I turned human. It was essayer in human. I spreed my arms and finally got a breeze going. But I know that will not carry me. I try with all my mind and soul and soon I am rewarded. I see a small surf board like thing zooming toward me. Its invisible to the naked eye. Even I can only just see it in human. My human from has higher than average senses. I turn wolf, I don't want people looking up and seeing me in my dress. I jump on. Its surprisingly sturdy. I fall off as it vanishes. I wasn't concentrating. So I try again. I manage to make it stay this time. I focus on making it move. It moves were I want it to. I try going around the island. I speed around it so fast that not even the wolf can see details. I eventually I learn to slow down. I kind of feel as if I'm surfing. After a few more laps of the island I land next to the lake. I had pretty much covered water, wind and fire. By now it was time to learn the art of earth. I knew this would be harder, so I prepared by getting a ball of water from the lake and dumping it on me. Much better. It took me ages to get the hang of it. But occasionally I would move a rock or a piece of soil. This gave me hope. Perhaps I would learn over time. Just then an idea came to me. I chose to go hunting then act on this idea. Soon I had 3 birds in my belly. I choose to fly to the water fall and sleep there. But just as I arrive at my destination I see something like a cave in the back of the waterfall. I go to investigate it. I find a cave that kind of looks like I small home. It has nearly everything from the tree hut in it. It has my old bed and Isaac's as well. This must be the home of Jordan and Lola. I was still sour about him saying I was his dog. I will stay here tonight. On Jordan's bed, I know hes allergic to fur. Then again Lola's does look comfy, not to mention it used to be mine. It's not his fault he was trying to impress Lola. I guess I could sleep on the ground. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Something was moving on the screen. Something that looked like Ratchet and Clank but someone was exploding and someone else was watching. They were Lombax's. I knew the answer before I could think it. Jordan and Lola. I was horrified. But I didn't want to go in. The one watching was female, Lola, so that must mean Jordan's dead. I tried to figure out what to do next. What could be done? Jordan was dead and Lola was stuck in a video game. I would sleep here tonight but tomorrow I would set off on my quest. Wait I nearly forgot about it! I would have to summon the aliens as I went to sleep. To see if they would teach me the ways of earth and how to control it. So that night as I went to sleep I tried hard to think of only the aliens Jordan had seen, and summon them into my head.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It was dark. I was cold. I tried to move. I couldn't. Instead I tried to remember what had happened not much came back to me. I just remembered running towards an exit from a cave that looked like the inside of a glacier. Then I opened my eyes. I was upside down! Hanging by my back legs. The chain was to tight. I could hardly feel my legs. Who were these people? I attempted seeing into their minds. They must have had some sort of helmet on because I couldn't see a thing in there minds. Great. I howled for food water and to be set free. The wolf knew not to struggle, the chains would just get tighter. But how could I be kept like this? I knew the answer before I could think. I couldn't live like this. I had to escape this cell. I tried to go spirit wolf. I could only hold it for 5 seconds but that was long enough. I was free at last. I didn't know what day it was. i didn't know how long I had been in here. I rested on the ground. To restore energy. I could only guess the minutes but it felt around half an hour. I tried spirit again it worked but I knew it wouldn't for to much longer. I ran toward the nearest wall, went through it and the next then another until I was out. I went wolf and ran toward the top of the mountain. When I got there I collapsed. I couldn't stand up any longer. I was no longer trapped I could relax. The wolf didn't want to relax. So I just rested there not sleeping not relaxing, just resting.

Day 10

It's late morning and again I'm thinking of food. I haven't eaten in a long time. Not since the morning we went into the war. The wolf wanted to take control, to hunt. I let her. But as well as hunting I tried to find others thoughts. But none came. I had to accept it. Instead I focused on the hunt. I listened to the animals thoughts. One pig hundreds of birds. I went for the birds, 1 2 3 4. That should be enough for me. Eating quick was one of the many good things about wolves. I could finish in record time then carry on searching for others. I was running though the forest the wolf still running around looking. I ran around for a little while going in and out of animals minds. I caught a bird around mind day. I had had 1 and was looking for a 2nd. As I ran past the mountain I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A cave and a good cosy looking one to. I knew from the moment I saw it I could live here. I walked into the cave slowly at first. As I went in I saw a small tunnel at the back of the cave and chose to go in. Further and further in it started to look more and more like the inside of a glacier. But it wasn't cold, but that could just be the thick fur kicking in. I didn't think so. This cave didn't seem right. The walls in roof were like my human eyes: Glacier blue. The wolf did not trust this twisting and turning path. The path grew larger. Good more room to move. I saw a light ahead and ran towards it. One mistake that's all it took. I couldn't stop in time. A net fell down around me. I couldn't escape. A hard club came down onto my head. That was all I saw.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 9-night

I wait a few hours, looking into the fire and occasionally making patterns in it. Thinking about what I'm going to do next. Find Jordan, go loner, stay with Mr Lyttle? I had another debate with myself and came to a decision and set off into the night. Letting the wolf take control once more I ran swiftly and quietly. Nothing can stop the wolf. I make the trees silent so people who speak to trees don't know about me. As the wolf runs I think about this power. I guess you could call me the daughter of mother nature. I make a ring of fire around me. Then jump over and put it out. I stop near a mountain and make an indent in the ground then I get long grass to shoot out of the ground for about 3 meters around me. I lie down in the indent and I know I cant be seen. Sleep comes slowly but when it comes its welcomed.

I didn't really have the time to do art for any of day 9

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 9

As we entered the war I thought of how my life had been so short. Why had was I born human if I was destined to wolf? Why hadn't I just been born a wolf women? Well who cares what I was born as. I am a wolf women now. We get in trough what looks like a sewage pipe. I cant be sure about it. The smell is horrific with the wolf nose. As we emerge from the pipe my suspicions are proven correct. We are in the toilet. An alien appears from a cubicle and shrieks an alarm. @?$%^ @?$%^ I cant understand it. But before we can attack more come from the cubicles surrounding us entirely. There is no escape. They rope us up and lead us to cells near what I suspect is the center of the ship which is where what we are after is being held. Jordan keeps yelling at the top of his lungs for help but no one comes for us. Eventually we reach them. I see a small flicker of movement in one of the cells. What was it? What ever it was it probably didn't want attention drawn to it. I kept quiet. They throw us into separate cells. [Cairo don't go spirit yet wait until there gone] They left I waited 10 minutes making sure they wouldn't come back. As I went spirit I had a warm stickily feeling. Then I was the spirit wolf. I flew though the wall it separated us no more. I looked around his cell there was another Lombax there. Looked like a female one Jordan was crouching over her crooning what sounded like a lullaby. She woke to the face of another Lombax and didn't even try to hide her amazement. "So your the new guy I'm Lola" I couldn't believe it Jordan had said there were none left. "I'm Jordan" he then explained why we were here (although it was more like why he was here alone) . She didn't even see me sitting there. She just looked through me. I gave I quiet yap of annoyance. "Oh right, Lola this is my pet wolf Cairo". How dare he call me his pet! I am a noble spirit wolf . I am no ones pet. I chose for my own safety and his to act along. Thing like a pet dog I kept telling myself. "You know Cairo's really well trained. It took me a long time but she is a really good pet now. I know Cairo will have to get used to you Lola, here, hold out your hand and let her sniff it"
"She is so cute and warm. But if shes a true wolf why is her fur real silver at the tips and her underfur laced of diamonds?"
"Shes a hybrid" He said quickly. Before he could say anything else the door burst open and I ran out Jordan and Lola at my heels. I ran for the center of the ship. It must have been night there were no aliens around at all. How convenient. We kept on running until we reached the center chamber. There they were. The runes of power. "Well I don't really need the rune of blitz anymore I have the form I wanted" I debate with myself which to take. Finally I decide on the elemental rune and Jordan grabs the rune of dimension. I feel the power causing throughout me. I feel powerful for a moment before theres a banging on the door. The aliens. Jordan Grabs for Lola makes a black hole and teleports them somewhere. But I have bigger things to worry about. How do I get out? I turn spirit wolf and run up but something happens. I ran to far up and end up in a beautiful world. It has everything needed and more. "Cairo" a voice behind me yells "Child come here" I turn and see something truly amazing. It's my dead uncle Sid calling to me. I turn human and walk to him. "You look just like your cousins"
"Where am I?"
"Child this is the spirit land. It's for the people who are not good nor bad also the animals"
"Why am I here? I cant have died"
"No you didn't die. You are here for a mission. Its very important that it is completed."
"What is it?"
"You must gather your friends and fight against the bad and evil aliens. Do you think you can do that Cairo?"
"I think so uncle"
"Good. You must go now Cairo. I shall see you soon"
"Good bye" Then it all started fading and I was in the center of the island. Mr Lyttle was walking toward me. "Who's there?" he called in a soft voice. [It's only me sir] He jumped as I transported this into his mind. "Wait are you the strange wolf in the middle of the clearing?"
[Yes] He jumped again [How did you get here? Do you know where are the others are?]
"No sorry"
[That's fine after all wolves have brilliant noses. I can just follow the scent trails]
"OK then. Hey are you alone?"
[Yes. Why?]
"Would you like to camp with me tonight?"
[Sure. I can update you about the stuff that's been happening to me and Jordan]
"OK then. Lets go find a good place to camp"
[Mr Lyttle if we want I good spot by night fall we are going to have to be fast, very fast. In other words get on my back and we can ran as fast as the wind]
"Um OK lets go" It took him a little while to get on. I am so big now I have to lie down for a full grown man to get on. [Ready Mr?]
[Hold on tight] Then we were flying across the meadow. I heard my passenger take a sharp breath. Perhaps it was a bit fast for him. I slowed a little. Heading towards the ice cream pool I kept up a good pace, and it wasn't long before we reached it. I stopped and stooped down low to let the teacher off. He was shaking a little but otherwise fine. I started to use my powers for the first time. First I bent some trees to make sort of cave for Mr Lyttle to sleep in. Then I made a circle of stones on the ground for a small fire place. I ran off to get some wood leaving him sitting on the ground outside the cave still a little shaky. It didn't take to long to find some. I lit a small fire. I loved these new powers. They helped so much. "How did you do that?"
[Elemental rune. It was hard to get, no normal human could withstand what I went through to get these. Anyway how did you get here? I didn't see you on the plane. Mr Woody said you were not allowed to come. He said Robin wouldn't let you]
"I got on to the plane with you guys. I hid from sight. Then the plane crashed I saw all of you get out I helped Andrew up when we crashed he had a broken leg last I saw. So that's it how about you? Whats been happening?" I told him about everything that we had been through. [...and so none of us have seen Mr Woody since] I concluded. "Well I'm very tired it has been a very long day. Good night Cairo"
[Good night]

P.S I don't really have a dead uncle Sid

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 8

I try to wake up. Its still dark. I go back to sleep. I wake up about three hours later. First I have a little pig then I ran to the tree hut. The sunlight sparkles on my fur. It's warm outside and very sunny. As I run toward the hut I hear voices "Isaac I don't believe it you cant do it, you can not get that radio to work let alone pick up a signal and get help. Even so think what would happen to Cairo she can never lead a normal life even with her powers. Why put her through that?"
"Well look at the awesome science behind her in the future if scientists get hold of you and her they could discover the secret of shape shifting."
"Just like you always thinking of yourself of science. I bet you couldn't give a raccoons tail about what awful tests they may run on us. As long as you get your powers right?"
My ears could hear every word even though I was still 500 meters away from them. I stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Isaac didn't care what happened to me and Jordan. The ones who stuck by him when no one else did. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears. I started running again. Why would Isaac, one of my best friends, say something like that? If wolves could cry I would be in a lake by now. But the feeling I had now was worse than tears. It was indescribably painful. It felt as though I had been ripped to shreds and then I had been put in a fire. If you have ever had one of your best friends go telling your worst enemy your darkest secrets or some other form of back stabbing you will know about 1/100 of the pain I'm felling now. I stopped again this time just under the hut and howled in sorrow. "Isaac in leaving you, you can have all my stuff. I don't need it. I don't need you either. Cairo do you want to come with me?" He yelled
[Yes, why stay with a guy who wants to sell me off for science]
"Cairo's with me Isaac good bye"
Then we left. We walked for 10 minutes then Jordan had an idea. He turn to ratchet and put mind barriers around us. While we walked I tried shape shifting. It took me 4 tries to get it right. After that it was a breeze. turn into my old form, the human. I played around a little changed my eyes from glacier blue to sea green and back again. This was fun. After I had mastered it I turned back to wolf as it was essayer to concentrate. Then attempted telepathy. This took less time than the shape shifting. After all quite a few mutants have it already they just don't know it. [Hey Jordan I just worked out telepathy and shape shifting]
[Good know we can keep quite when walking talking makes noise that other groups may hear. Plus we are walking past the place I last saw Sean. So in short no talking erm howling, growing whatever wolves do]
[Got it. So were are we going?]
[Under the island to the war]
[How do we get there?]
[First we go to the edge of the valley I tell you more later]
[OK] We continued at a jog but it just wasn't fast enough for the wolf. I started running full speed. I could feel the wind whistling though my fur as the trees seemed to rash past me. I picked up a movement in the bushes beside me. It wasn't Jordan. It was something else. I stopped just as it burst out of the bushes. It looked like a squirrel but it wasn't. I watched it while I waited for Jordan to catch up to me. Whatever it was it was intelligent. Jordan showed up and scared it off. I looked up and realised why it had been scared. Looking back at me was Ratchet. [Nice] We carried on in silence. I jogged with him this time. We finally reached the valley. Jordan multiplied and turned the other him into clank. He latched onto Jordan's back. "Tomorrow I will turn an object into a land stalker so we can train."
[OK then]
"Hang on I'm going to have some fun" Then I put his hands to his head and concentrated. Soon after he did this a giant pool of ice cream popped up at the end of the valley. Then as quick as the ice cream pool had come I pile of round things popped up next to them. [What are they?]
"These are ice cream plates. They are the key to all this" He said as he pointed towards the ice cream pool "And I have made it never ending anyone can enter it with the plates. It will never melt."
[Wonderful. Do you want me to fly over the island and hand them out?]
[C ya later then] Just as I was transforming something happened. Something amazing. I was still a wolf but I didn't feel solid any more. "Cairo" Jordan gasped. "Your a spirit wolf" I tried going back to normal form. It worked. I was back to the full solid wolf. [Amazing] I tried shape shifting into something other than spirit wolf. I could only do one thing. Human, but not my human form. I was an adult . Beautiful. With long silky black hair. Gold eyes, like my wolfs eyes. The sun appeared from behind the trees. My skin looked kind of like the vampires off twilight. Just a little dimer. It must be the diamonds from wolf form. "Will you approach them in wolf or human?" Jordan asked "I will travel in spirit wolf but I will change as I draw closer." Just then I realized I wasn't naked. I had a silver dress on. Silk. "OK I'll go now"
"See you soon then" Then I was off on my quest. Running is an instinct and I was a spirit so I went right though objects. All I had to concentrate on was the others thoughts. I only found half of them. I think a few were in some sort of force field thing so I couldn't read their minds. I chose to go to the boys in wolf form as I didn't want to be waiting half an hour to get moving again. Eventually I was back with Jordan. It was getting dark and I cant control the wolf at night. I dropped in on Jordan ,in human, to tell him that I could only find a certain amount. So he put the rest just out side the force field he had made. Then made I sign above it read: 'You must be wearing a chest plate to enter the ice cream pool. Each one has a name on it and DNA censors if you put anyone else's on it will shock you severely. If you don't want to carry yours around leave it on the hook with your name on it.' After this I wandered off to find a place to sleep. We had to have a good sleep tonight because tomorrow we will enter the war. [Night Jordan]
[Night Cairo] But sleep eluded me for quite awhile. But I got there eventually.

Art will be posted soon

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 7

I woke up with Isaac's arm around me. What had happened last night? I couldn't remember a thing. Why had Isaac been next to me when I woke up it looked really creepy. So I wriggled out of his grasp and gave a yelp of horror and amazement. I was a wolf and a stunning one at that. Well I couldn't see much only my legs. So really I could have been anything Lion, Tiger maybe even Coyote but I didn't think so it felt like wolf. I ran over to the waters edge with amazing speed. Yet I could see anything and everything around me from the tallest tree to the smallest drop of dew on a leaf. It didn't take long to get to the edge. Even then it was a battle of wills my human mind wanted to see me, but the inner wolf didn't want to she screamed danger. The human finally won. I looked over the edge. I was amazing even better than that I was beautiful. My eyes are rich gold, my fur has silver tips but under that its dark grey, my white legs and underside are laced with diamonds that sparkle in the sun. I turn slightly to see my back it has some cool black tribal tattoos on it, my tail is white underneath grey one top with more black tribal tattoos. My ears are grey but black at the tips. Over all I love this new form. I tried running again, this time round the lake. It didn't take long at all. I saw the were wolf thing again it chased me but I was to fast for it. I got a good look this time some how its looked like Mr Woody the eyes were smart and it had brown fur. I raced away from it and it felt great to run. I let the wolf take control. We ran back to the camp the wolf smelt food cooking. As we arrived I took control. "Hello Cairo" Isaac and Jordan chimed. Isaac looked embarrassed about something. I tired talking but all that came out was a loud yap. Never mind then. Jordan answered an unspoken question "We are having fish again" I nodded.
[How was the run?] the wolf jumped I had forgotten about the telepathy and the wolf didn't even know about such things. [It was very fun. But I saw something don't tell Isaac, but I saw a big were wolf creature it came running after me]
[OK that's kind of strange]
[But it kind of looked like Mr Woodcock, Brown fur and smart brown eyes]
[wouldn't worry about it]
[OK then. still don't tell Issac he will just freak out] I gave him a stern look.
[OK fine I wont tell him]
[Thank you]
Then we ate it was wonderful. mine didn't have crumbs on it. [Hey Jordan can you you take this watch of my wrist and give it to Issac tell him every thing I have is now his apart from the survival blanket that's mine]
"Hey Issac, Cairo says you can have all her stuff except for the blanket she keeps that" Isaac looked at me "Really Cairo?" I nod. "Thank you so much"
Then we go home to the tree hut. Isaac is mounted on Jordan the horse and I'm running solo. Again it feels amazing just to run. To feel the wind in my long fur. It feels free. It feels wild. I let the wolf take control again. She runs towards the beach along the sand it feels wonderful between our claws. She runs towards the hut to find a den close by. She finds one its perfect. Its a small tunnel just where the sand breaks off and turns to forest. She knows the tide cant reach us here. I'm really hungry I haven't eaten since midday and I'm still getting used to not having to eat as often as a wolf. I decide not to eat with the others, it might creep Isaac out. So I started to hunt. I didn't really know much about hunting I hadn't had to do it while we had Jordan and before that Isaac and I had been living off protein bars noodles and plums. So I let the wolf go first I knew she could teach me even with out words. She was after all a natural hunter. Suddenly she picked up a scent interrupting my thoughts. It wasn't to old we didn't have to run for to long, a wild pig we pounced. It wasn't hard to kill and it was young and inexperienced. Meaning tender meat and not to heavy either. I stopped off at the stream to clean my muzzle and have a drink. That's when I took control of our body. I ran back to the tree hut, my kill dragging behind me. The wolf didn't want to share her kill with others, but I wanted to give at least a little to Isaac, he must be getting sick of birds. Isaac took a few stripes of meat and let me have the rest. As soon as we got back to the den we dug in it was delicious, and there was still loads left for tomorrow. Then I remembered something I had to go get. Jogged up to the tree hut.
[Hey Jordan, tell Issac to hand down my blanket]
[OK Cairo]
"Hey Isaac Cairo's here she wants her blanket now!" He called
Something fell down. My blanket.
[Thanks Jordan]
[No problem]
Then I ran off blanket in mouth. Back to the den it, was getting dark. I needed rest it had been a long day. I had a few mouthfuls of pig then went to sleep on my blanket.

P.S I drew that wolf myself and it took along time to do.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 6

I woke up at 9:00 tired and alone again. Alone just didn't feel the same on this island at home it was comfy I liked it but here it was well... lonely Scary. I didn't like it this wasn't like at home. You never knew what was going to happen next. I heard shuffling on the ground below. So I poked my head over the edge and low and behold there was another group below me. I clammed my hand over my mouth. I couldn't tell who it was. I stayed completely still. I took a risk and moved to look around Isaac was a few trees away form me looking down at something in the bushes. Something I could only assume was Jordan changing in order to scare our visitors away. He emerged as a sort of dementor thing. It went all cold and dark suddenly it felt I would never be happy again. Ever. It worked the group saw him and ran. I don't think they stopped for awhile. Jordan and Isaac came back to the tree hut. He then turn a twig into some chocolate "Here it will help" he explained. As I ate I thought about his new found powers. He interrupted my thoughts with "Who is hungry"
"Me" and "I am" were our replies. He went to the ground and turned into a Dragon "Come on then" We climbed on. He flew to the lake with amazing speed. As soon as we arrived he dropped us off and dove into the water now in his normal sea snake form. He captured 4 fish and filleted them then turned a tree stump into to an oven and cooked them to perfection after he crumbed them. They were so good after just 5 days of just birds veges and protein bars. "I wish I had powers like that" I commented after we had finished the meal. "Do you want me to give them to you" Jordan asked. I just sat there thinking for a moment or two.
"Yes" I finally answered. He quickly turned a boulder into a uranium chamber. "Lets do this" I said as I stepped in. After that I must have blacked out. There was nothing.

Day 5

We woke up. Nothing was stirring yet. Then at 10:00 am. Still nothing. No sitings. Nothing. At 2:00. Isaac and Jordan coming back from the hunt. Isaac yells something about new powers. Then Jordan turns into a silver surfer but turns back as he reaches the tree hut. I understand what Issac was talking about before. After a long chat while plucking the birds I understood fully. A vision is why he is able to shape shift. Just after 6:00 pm dinner was ready, some plants I had found and the birds from the hunt. Great. "Is there anything else?" Isaac asked.
"Yeah heaps, but leave some for breakfast tomorrow"
After that I went to bed.

Day four

It was dark when we got up Isaac had awoken me worried about sounds in the trees. It sounded to me like some sort of wolf creature but we couldn't be sure. I lit a fire and made a torch I made one for Isaac two. My reason for using fire was because it sounded like a wolf and wolves were scared of fire. We shone out torches toward the forest and were rewarded with a glimpse of what looked like a werewolf scampering off into the trees. We packed up camp quickly all signs of drowsiness had dispersed. At last we were off toward the tree hut at a fast walk. Although I was tired after about a half hour, and I bet Isaac was to, neither complained. We kept up the pace until about a three hours after sunrise we were nearly back at the tree hut by then. We finally arrived and Isaac collapsed and I wondered if he had gotten much sleep last night. I woke him up to tell him I was going hunting as we where running out of protein bars. We needed meat. As I made my spear I wondered what there was to hunt on this island. Isaac had said something about wild boar. But maybe I would just go for some wild birds instead. As I reached the bottom of the ladder we had made I stopped and stayed perfectly still. Then involuntarily a let out a blood curling scream I was sure half the island had heard. There was something on the ground it was a turquoise sort of color very snake like but it had legs it had not mouth. It was around 8 meters long and kind of looked like Jordan C in a strange sort of way. It just rolled its eyes at me as if to say "Well your no princess either". Suddenly I had a vision of Jordan C sleeping on a cave floor and changing over night. I was sure that some how this thing was the Jordan I knew and loved, and somehow he had gotten that image into my head. "Hello?" I said with I little uncertainty "who are you". Another image popped into to my head this time it was just Jordan sitting at his desk in school. "I understand Jordan, don't go up until until I tell you to Isaac and I had a long night". He nodded. "Can you hunt" I asked him. He nodded again. "Good can you go hunt some food for us Isaac needs meat right now hes exhausted and we may need the remains of the protein bars later" Then suddenly I noticed the bag on its large back and asked "Jordan would you like to live with us?" He nodded quickly. "OK then give me your bag and I'll go put it up in the tree hut" He took it off and gave it to me "see you soon then". He quickly ran off into the trees. The next hour was insanely boring. I stayed in the tree hut not wanting to be seen by people that may have been passing by. Isaac didn't wake. I heard sounds on the ground below and looked down. Jordan was back but before I could say a word He started up the tree not bothering with the ladder but using suction cups on his feet and hands. He reached the top in record time and quickly handed four birds to me. "Thank you so much Jordan!" Whoops the sound had woken Isaac who yelled at the site of Jordan "Relax Isaac its Jordan he was mutated" Isaac had a look of intense interest on his face. But the look faded and turned to excitement when he saw the bag "is that mine?"
"No its Jordan's"
"Don't worry well find yours soon Isaac"
"OK" thats seemed to give him little hope. Then suddenly he did what most boys will do at the age of 12 "Whats for dinner?"
"Well I was about to start cooking, you can help if you want to"
"Um no thanks" He said quickly
"Well just so you know we are having birds I don't know what kind, Jordan caught them"
"Oh, OK, well what can I do while your cooking?"
"Maybe you could help find some bugs for Jordan to eat"
"OK sure"
"Well then there on the ground there will be millions of them. Just be careful"
"OK bye then"
Then I was alone. Nothing interesting looked like it was going to happen. I was right nothing interesting did happen. I made my way down to the beach. I lit the fire quickly. Plucking the birds took awhile but when it was done they just looked like regular chickens from the supermarkets. Kind of. But they were edible it didn't matter that they looked strange. At 6:00 they were ready to eat. Isaac arrived saying that Jordan had gone to build a cave for himself under the tree hut. So we ate silently. After that we just went top bed nothing strange.

Day three

As we set off in the morning light I wondered what we would find at the silver thing. Treasure. Aliens. Perhaps another group maybe even Mr Woodcock. We wouldn't find out until we got there. We started off at a good pace but soon slowed down there was little conversation on the journey. For this I was thankful. I wasn't really in in the mood to talk. As the day progressed we saw strange things. Lots of birds thought to have been extincted hundreds of years ago. A giant spider ran passed apparently chasing a sent of something or someone. In any case it didn't notice us. finally we were there. It was larger than expected. We heard faint screaming and yelling from what seemed inside "We need food" "help us" were I few things I heard. We decided it was safer to save our own skins and not go in and risk being captured by what every was in there. It was already 3:00 so we just start toward a well shaded spot that I had seen while in the tree. It wasn't long before we were next to the lake and Isaac and I were setting up camp under the trees. We had the last two plums and were of to bed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day two

I wake up to the sound of the dawn chorus. Its loud but beautiful. I eventually got up at 7:00 am
but only because Sean yelled at me the Isaac and Jordan were about to leave for the plane. I jumped out of bed and ran toward them not even bothering to eat first. After all there are such things as lachrymose leaches. As it turn out Jordan and Isaac had just eaten something so we still had to wait and I had one protein bar as we were all ready waiting. At 8:45 we jumped in the water it was freezing but we soon adjusted. Waves washed over us but we just kept on swimming toward the plane.Finally we got there I swam down to look for the door. I was chosen for this task as it is normally true that females have larger lungs then males I don't believe it but Isaac and Jordan did. As it turned out they were directly above the door so I bobbed up to the surface and few seconds later with the door in my hands. It was very heavy and I needed to save my strength. It had been agreed that Jordan and I would go in first and Isaac was going to wait for us to come up then go down. I handed it to Isaac, it floated so he could sit on it while waiting for us to come up then he wouldn't have to treed water and waste energy. Jordan went under I went about 5 seconds later. After about 10 seconds swimming we reached the plane. We swam inside. It was dark sea creatures were already inhabiting it. A family of turtles swam past us and we swam toward the air pocket in the tail of the plane. Finally air. We searched the plane but only found Luke's bag stuck under a seat near the middle of the plane. "Isaac's bag must have been taken out in all the confusion" Jordan said quietly "Do you think he'll ever find it?" I asked him. "No" he replied. "Go get Luke's bag we'll see whats in it". He started toward it we were getting tired I checked my watch 10:00 "We better go up soon Isaac and Sean will be worried" I said to myself. Suddenly the bag was dislodged I fell toward the other end of the plane. I swam towards it. Yes got it. Now back up to the tail. Jordan was waiting for me. All of a sudden Isaac was coming toward us. "You shouldn't have come!" Jordan yelled. "Relax Jordan. We have been in here awhile. Isaac probably came to see if we were all right. Besides he can help us get more stuff to the island". So in the end Isaac did help us he carried the radio and a life raft and I had insect repellent and a survival blanket. Jordan had three things and what looked like something else that he wasn't planning on sharing with us. So after all that we got into Isaac's raft and paddled with out hands back to the island. Half way back Jordan jumped out swam back to the island to Sean who had been waiting for him and packed up camp. They ran off as soon as Jordan reached the shore. We discussed our options after we got back to shore. Finally we decided to go around drifting on the currants and find a place good for building a tree hut. We hadn't been going long when we saw the perfect spot. We set to work nearly strait away I. gathered good strong branches while Isaac built the hut how he liked after all he was the one who was going to be in it I would be in my hammock. We finally finished work. I ate my last pack of noodles dry. Then not to long after it had been decided that Isaac would scout on ground and I would find a tall tree climb it, and take a look around. It was hard work but well worth it. When I reached the top I saw nearly everything the most interesting was in the middle of the island. It was big nearly the size of a soccer field it was oval shaped, wait a moment it has something craved on top it looks like a square with a triangle in it. Maybe its an alien space ship. I might find out later on but it seemed that something was hovering above it it speed off before I got a good look all I saw was that it looked like a large silver bullet it speed off toward the smaller island. I went down to tell Isaac about it he was no where to be seen so I went back to the tree hut it was getting a little dark but I knew better that to light a fire in the bush I tramped out to the beach fire starting tools in hand. It didn't take long for it to start and when it did it was a welcomed blaze but then I realized if i ate my last pack of noodles what was the point of fire? I quickly extinguished it and went back to the tree hut feeling rather silly. Isaac was there a, welcome site I told him about what I had seen he looked a little embarrassed about something. I asked about it but he just shook his head. I went into my hammock just next to the hut. I feel asleep almost immediately.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day one

My worn items: A long sleeved shirt, a swan dry, long zippy pants, puma sneakers

Items that are not counted: packed lunch: 8 protein bars 4 plums 2 dry noodles

My items: 1) a hammock 2) a small axe 3) tarpaulin 4) 2 liter bottle 5) billy 6) pan 7) hunting knife 8) Flint (pocket) 9) Iron pyrite (pocket) 10) big roll of nylon string.

We all spent a week preparing for the trip to Matainui. But no one was prepared for what happened next. We all boarded the Gunman albatross HU 16 nervously. It took ages to take off but the view when we were up was great. What happened next was scary the weather forecast said sun but the sky said black clouds ahead. 3 things harpooned just when we went into the clouds Sam the pilot yelled out its alright well be fine! , we all started floating and about 3 seconds after we got back into our seats the plane started plummeting into and unknown fate. *Black out for 30 secs* the plane in the ocean now was dark and cold. I only thought of one thing. Escape. I went for my bag then dived to the exit, the plane was already deserted as I swam for the exit. As I reached the beach there were only three people I saw Sean, Jordan and Issac. Issac explained he had lost his bag. My friends excepted me into their small group. As I lay in my small tepee the night I thought of how lucky I was to be alive and unharmed. I thought of the others if they were alive I saw other groups as well but some of the class just weren't didn't see Mr Woody at all. I fell asleep thinking of the missing ones were they alive? Were they safe? Where were they if the answer to my questions were yes? I might find out in day two. But for now I must sleep.