Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day one

My worn items: A long sleeved shirt, a swan dry, long zippy pants, puma sneakers

Items that are not counted: packed lunch: 8 protein bars 4 plums 2 dry noodles

My items: 1) a hammock 2) a small axe 3) tarpaulin 4) 2 liter bottle 5) billy 6) pan 7) hunting knife 8) Flint (pocket) 9) Iron pyrite (pocket) 10) big roll of nylon string.

We all spent a week preparing for the trip to Matainui. But no one was prepared for what happened next. We all boarded the Gunman albatross HU 16 nervously. It took ages to take off but the view when we were up was great. What happened next was scary the weather forecast said sun but the sky said black clouds ahead. 3 things harpooned just when we went into the clouds Sam the pilot yelled out its alright well be fine! , we all started floating and about 3 seconds after we got back into our seats the plane started plummeting into and unknown fate. *Black out for 30 secs* the plane in the ocean now was dark and cold. I only thought of one thing. Escape. I went for my bag then dived to the exit, the plane was already deserted as I swam for the exit. As I reached the beach there were only three people I saw Sean, Jordan and Issac. Issac explained he had lost his bag. My friends excepted me into their small group. As I lay in my small tepee the night I thought of how lucky I was to be alive and unharmed. I thought of the others if they were alive I saw other groups as well but some of the class just weren't didn't see Mr Woody at all. I fell asleep thinking of the missing ones were they alive? Were they safe? Where were they if the answer to my questions were yes? I might find out in day two. But for now I must sleep.


  1. hahahahahahahaha
    I found your blog and will now know what u are doing on the island!!!!!!
    bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Drumbledoor I may not be posting every single thing I do. We may Keep somethings just between us and Mr woody.