Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It was dark. I was cold. I tried to move. I couldn't. Instead I tried to remember what had happened not much came back to me. I just remembered running towards an exit from a cave that looked like the inside of a glacier. Then I opened my eyes. I was upside down! Hanging by my back legs. The chain was to tight. I could hardly feel my legs. Who were these people? I attempted seeing into their minds. They must have had some sort of helmet on because I couldn't see a thing in there minds. Great. I howled for food water and to be set free. The wolf knew not to struggle, the chains would just get tighter. But how could I be kept like this? I knew the answer before I could think. I couldn't live like this. I had to escape this cell. I tried to go spirit wolf. I could only hold it for 5 seconds but that was long enough. I was free at last. I didn't know what day it was. i didn't know how long I had been in here. I rested on the ground. To restore energy. I could only guess the minutes but it felt around half an hour. I tried spirit again it worked but I knew it wouldn't for to much longer. I ran toward the nearest wall, went through it and the next then another until I was out. I went wolf and ran toward the top of the mountain. When I got there I collapsed. I couldn't stand up any longer. I was no longer trapped I could relax. The wolf didn't want to relax. So I just rested there not sleeping not relaxing, just resting.

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