Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 9

As we entered the war I thought of how my life had been so short. Why had was I born human if I was destined to wolf? Why hadn't I just been born a wolf women? Well who cares what I was born as. I am a wolf women now. We get in trough what looks like a sewage pipe. I cant be sure about it. The smell is horrific with the wolf nose. As we emerge from the pipe my suspicions are proven correct. We are in the toilet. An alien appears from a cubicle and shrieks an alarm. @?$%^ @?$%^ I cant understand it. But before we can attack more come from the cubicles surrounding us entirely. There is no escape. They rope us up and lead us to cells near what I suspect is the center of the ship which is where what we are after is being held. Jordan keeps yelling at the top of his lungs for help but no one comes for us. Eventually we reach them. I see a small flicker of movement in one of the cells. What was it? What ever it was it probably didn't want attention drawn to it. I kept quiet. They throw us into separate cells. [Cairo don't go spirit yet wait until there gone] They left I waited 10 minutes making sure they wouldn't come back. As I went spirit I had a warm stickily feeling. Then I was the spirit wolf. I flew though the wall it separated us no more. I looked around his cell there was another Lombax there. Looked like a female one Jordan was crouching over her crooning what sounded like a lullaby. She woke to the face of another Lombax and didn't even try to hide her amazement. "So your the new guy I'm Lola" I couldn't believe it Jordan had said there were none left. "I'm Jordan" he then explained why we were here (although it was more like why he was here alone) . She didn't even see me sitting there. She just looked through me. I gave I quiet yap of annoyance. "Oh right, Lola this is my pet wolf Cairo". How dare he call me his pet! I am a noble spirit wolf . I am no ones pet. I chose for my own safety and his to act along. Thing like a pet dog I kept telling myself. "You know Cairo's really well trained. It took me a long time but she is a really good pet now. I know Cairo will have to get used to you Lola, here, hold out your hand and let her sniff it"
"She is so cute and warm. But if shes a true wolf why is her fur real silver at the tips and her underfur laced of diamonds?"
"Shes a hybrid" He said quickly. Before he could say anything else the door burst open and I ran out Jordan and Lola at my heels. I ran for the center of the ship. It must have been night there were no aliens around at all. How convenient. We kept on running until we reached the center chamber. There they were. The runes of power. "Well I don't really need the rune of blitz anymore I have the form I wanted" I debate with myself which to take. Finally I decide on the elemental rune and Jordan grabs the rune of dimension. I feel the power causing throughout me. I feel powerful for a moment before theres a banging on the door. The aliens. Jordan Grabs for Lola makes a black hole and teleports them somewhere. But I have bigger things to worry about. How do I get out? I turn spirit wolf and run up but something happens. I ran to far up and end up in a beautiful world. It has everything needed and more. "Cairo" a voice behind me yells "Child come here" I turn and see something truly amazing. It's my dead uncle Sid calling to me. I turn human and walk to him. "You look just like your cousins"
"Where am I?"
"Child this is the spirit land. It's for the people who are not good nor bad also the animals"
"Why am I here? I cant have died"
"No you didn't die. You are here for a mission. Its very important that it is completed."
"What is it?"
"You must gather your friends and fight against the bad and evil aliens. Do you think you can do that Cairo?"
"I think so uncle"
"Good. You must go now Cairo. I shall see you soon"
"Good bye" Then it all started fading and I was in the center of the island. Mr Lyttle was walking toward me. "Who's there?" he called in a soft voice. [It's only me sir] He jumped as I transported this into his mind. "Wait are you the strange wolf in the middle of the clearing?"
[Yes] He jumped again [How did you get here? Do you know where are the others are?]
"No sorry"
[That's fine after all wolves have brilliant noses. I can just follow the scent trails]
"OK then. Hey are you alone?"
[Yes. Why?]
"Would you like to camp with me tonight?"
[Sure. I can update you about the stuff that's been happening to me and Jordan]
"OK then. Lets go find a good place to camp"
[Mr Lyttle if we want I good spot by night fall we are going to have to be fast, very fast. In other words get on my back and we can ran as fast as the wind]
"Um OK lets go" It took him a little while to get on. I am so big now I have to lie down for a full grown man to get on. [Ready Mr?]
[Hold on tight] Then we were flying across the meadow. I heard my passenger take a sharp breath. Perhaps it was a bit fast for him. I slowed a little. Heading towards the ice cream pool I kept up a good pace, and it wasn't long before we reached it. I stopped and stooped down low to let the teacher off. He was shaking a little but otherwise fine. I started to use my powers for the first time. First I bent some trees to make sort of cave for Mr Lyttle to sleep in. Then I made a circle of stones on the ground for a small fire place. I ran off to get some wood leaving him sitting on the ground outside the cave still a little shaky. It didn't take to long to find some. I lit a small fire. I loved these new powers. They helped so much. "How did you do that?"
[Elemental rune. It was hard to get, no normal human could withstand what I went through to get these. Anyway how did you get here? I didn't see you on the plane. Mr Woody said you were not allowed to come. He said Robin wouldn't let you]
"I got on to the plane with you guys. I hid from sight. Then the plane crashed I saw all of you get out I helped Andrew up when we crashed he had a broken leg last I saw. So that's it how about you? Whats been happening?" I told him about everything that we had been through. [...and so none of us have seen Mr Woody since] I concluded. "Well I'm very tired it has been a very long day. Good night Cairo"
[Good night]

P.S I don't really have a dead uncle Sid

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  1. Excellent blog Cairo, especially day nine.
    Hope you keep the excellent writing.