Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day three

As we set off in the morning light I wondered what we would find at the silver thing. Treasure. Aliens. Perhaps another group maybe even Mr Woodcock. We wouldn't find out until we got there. We started off at a good pace but soon slowed down there was little conversation on the journey. For this I was thankful. I wasn't really in in the mood to talk. As the day progressed we saw strange things. Lots of birds thought to have been extincted hundreds of years ago. A giant spider ran passed apparently chasing a sent of something or someone. In any case it didn't notice us. finally we were there. It was larger than expected. We heard faint screaming and yelling from what seemed inside "We need food" "help us" were I few things I heard. We decided it was safer to save our own skins and not go in and risk being captured by what every was in there. It was already 3:00 so we just start toward a well shaded spot that I had seen while in the tree. It wasn't long before we were next to the lake and Isaac and I were setting up camp under the trees. We had the last two plums and were of to bed.

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