Monday, December 14, 2009


I gained conciseness slowly. Almost to slowly. I'm still a wolf. I know now that nothing can change that. I don't know how I know I just do. I knew that I would never see my parents again. Never see my classmates. Well maybe Jordan when I'm in the spirit world. I knew that the human just couldn't lead this kind of life the wolf knew this to. She knew that without other human I would be just an empty shell, a ghost of my former self. She thinks she knows a way out. A way we could both still live but I wouldn't have to bear so much pain. The only reason I'm thinking of these things is because I thinks it may be day 14 or 13, remember I was knocked out and kept unconscious in a underground cell. Perhaps I could become the alter ego. We knew that one could not live without the other. Literally. I cant die without her killing her and she cant die without killing me. Perhaps I should let her take over. If she ever wanted me I would be right her in her body, mind and soul. I would have the powers, she could call upon me anytime I was needed. I would do it I would become the alter ego. She can live off her instincts. If she was attacking a friend or something she shouldn't or she was in danger I could come to the rescue. We would live on the island. Perhaps join one of the packs. I had seen were wolves here perhaps I can join them. I can think about this later now it's time. There is a flash of rainbow lights and suddenly its like I don't exist anymore. Or rather I do exist just I don't just a body kind of like a ghost, but I'm in a body it's just not mine. It's confusing and hard to explain. I step back and for the first time I hand the control over to the wolf. She knows what to do. It's strange not having control of this body. She runs to the lake. She finds a scent. A mix of man and wolf. Hows this possible? It's a fresh scent so we should find out in a couple of minutes. 2 minutes later we Cross the path of two things that look like Lupin (where wolf form) from Harry Potter. But instead of pretty much bald one has golf fur, the other has brown. One is Mr Lyttle. If I hadn't left him I knew he would have found a way back, now look at him. I feel this is all my fault. Meanwhile the wolf makes a gesture of wolf friendship. They make the same one back at her. Then they lead her off to a camp of werewolves its not really a camp more of a den. The wolf knew we would fit in here. This was our knew pack. She looked to the sky and saw a strange site a big sliver ship in the air then flying off the island. I knew at once that many of my class mates had been on that ship. A great sorrow filled me and shook me to the bone. I would never go home. Probably never see another human ever again. I howled in sorrow. Mr Lyttle was the first to join on. Then the rest started. A corus of howling filling the afternoon air. "Goodbye!" It seemed to yell. From this moment forward I am sworn to secrecy I have already shared with you to much about the pack life. I must say no more, but I am leading a wondrous and free life as a wild wolf.


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  2. Who is that Swine, Recovered? ONe of the boys in our class, obviously. Hmmm...
    As for your tale - magnifique! I love how you used creative names for your final chapters.
    I shall read on...
    And thanks for your caring words on our class blog to end the year :-)