Monday, December 7, 2009


Eventually I must have fallen asleep. It was warm when I got up. Around 7:00 am judging by the shadows. Today I will learn to control my powers. First up water. I ran down to the seashore. Once I got there, I made small waves in the ocean. Then a small ball of water I made it come out of the sea. I dropped it on me I was so hot but the water was to salty. Time to learn to fly on the winds. It took a little while for me to learn. I concentrated really hard on the wind. I turned human. It was essayer in human. I spreed my arms and finally got a breeze going. But I know that will not carry me. I try with all my mind and soul and soon I am rewarded. I see a small surf board like thing zooming toward me. Its invisible to the naked eye. Even I can only just see it in human. My human from has higher than average senses. I turn wolf, I don't want people looking up and seeing me in my dress. I jump on. Its surprisingly sturdy. I fall off as it vanishes. I wasn't concentrating. So I try again. I manage to make it stay this time. I focus on making it move. It moves were I want it to. I try going around the island. I speed around it so fast that not even the wolf can see details. I eventually I learn to slow down. I kind of feel as if I'm surfing. After a few more laps of the island I land next to the lake. I had pretty much covered water, wind and fire. By now it was time to learn the art of earth. I knew this would be harder, so I prepared by getting a ball of water from the lake and dumping it on me. Much better. It took me ages to get the hang of it. But occasionally I would move a rock or a piece of soil. This gave me hope. Perhaps I would learn over time. Just then an idea came to me. I chose to go hunting then act on this idea. Soon I had 3 birds in my belly. I choose to fly to the water fall and sleep there. But just as I arrive at my destination I see something like a cave in the back of the waterfall. I go to investigate it. I find a cave that kind of looks like I small home. It has nearly everything from the tree hut in it. It has my old bed and Isaac's as well. This must be the home of Jordan and Lola. I was still sour about him saying I was his dog. I will stay here tonight. On Jordan's bed, I know hes allergic to fur. Then again Lola's does look comfy, not to mention it used to be mine. It's not his fault he was trying to impress Lola. I guess I could sleep on the ground. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Something was moving on the screen. Something that looked like Ratchet and Clank but someone was exploding and someone else was watching. They were Lombax's. I knew the answer before I could think it. Jordan and Lola. I was horrified. But I didn't want to go in. The one watching was female, Lola, so that must mean Jordan's dead. I tried to figure out what to do next. What could be done? Jordan was dead and Lola was stuck in a video game. I would sleep here tonight but tomorrow I would set off on my quest. Wait I nearly forgot about it! I would have to summon the aliens as I went to sleep. To see if they would teach me the ways of earth and how to control it. So that night as I went to sleep I tried hard to think of only the aliens Jordan had seen, and summon them into my head.

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