Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 7

I woke up with Isaac's arm around me. What had happened last night? I couldn't remember a thing. Why had Isaac been next to me when I woke up it looked really creepy. So I wriggled out of his grasp and gave a yelp of horror and amazement. I was a wolf and a stunning one at that. Well I couldn't see much only my legs. So really I could have been anything Lion, Tiger maybe even Coyote but I didn't think so it felt like wolf. I ran over to the waters edge with amazing speed. Yet I could see anything and everything around me from the tallest tree to the smallest drop of dew on a leaf. It didn't take long to get to the edge. Even then it was a battle of wills my human mind wanted to see me, but the inner wolf didn't want to she screamed danger. The human finally won. I looked over the edge. I was amazing even better than that I was beautiful. My eyes are rich gold, my fur has silver tips but under that its dark grey, my white legs and underside are laced with diamonds that sparkle in the sun. I turn slightly to see my back it has some cool black tribal tattoos on it, my tail is white underneath grey one top with more black tribal tattoos. My ears are grey but black at the tips. Over all I love this new form. I tried running again, this time round the lake. It didn't take long at all. I saw the were wolf thing again it chased me but I was to fast for it. I got a good look this time some how its looked like Mr Woody the eyes were smart and it had brown fur. I raced away from it and it felt great to run. I let the wolf take control. We ran back to the camp the wolf smelt food cooking. As we arrived I took control. "Hello Cairo" Isaac and Jordan chimed. Isaac looked embarrassed about something. I tired talking but all that came out was a loud yap. Never mind then. Jordan answered an unspoken question "We are having fish again" I nodded.
[How was the run?] the wolf jumped I had forgotten about the telepathy and the wolf didn't even know about such things. [It was very fun. But I saw something don't tell Isaac, but I saw a big were wolf creature it came running after me]
[OK that's kind of strange]
[But it kind of looked like Mr Woodcock, Brown fur and smart brown eyes]
[wouldn't worry about it]
[OK then. still don't tell Issac he will just freak out] I gave him a stern look.
[OK fine I wont tell him]
[Thank you]
Then we ate it was wonderful. mine didn't have crumbs on it. [Hey Jordan can you you take this watch of my wrist and give it to Issac tell him every thing I have is now his apart from the survival blanket that's mine]
"Hey Issac, Cairo says you can have all her stuff except for the blanket she keeps that" Isaac looked at me "Really Cairo?" I nod. "Thank you so much"
Then we go home to the tree hut. Isaac is mounted on Jordan the horse and I'm running solo. Again it feels amazing just to run. To feel the wind in my long fur. It feels free. It feels wild. I let the wolf take control again. She runs towards the beach along the sand it feels wonderful between our claws. She runs towards the hut to find a den close by. She finds one its perfect. Its a small tunnel just where the sand breaks off and turns to forest. She knows the tide cant reach us here. I'm really hungry I haven't eaten since midday and I'm still getting used to not having to eat as often as a wolf. I decide not to eat with the others, it might creep Isaac out. So I started to hunt. I didn't really know much about hunting I hadn't had to do it while we had Jordan and before that Isaac and I had been living off protein bars noodles and plums. So I let the wolf go first I knew she could teach me even with out words. She was after all a natural hunter. Suddenly she picked up a scent interrupting my thoughts. It wasn't to old we didn't have to run for to long, a wild pig we pounced. It wasn't hard to kill and it was young and inexperienced. Meaning tender meat and not to heavy either. I stopped off at the stream to clean my muzzle and have a drink. That's when I took control of our body. I ran back to the tree hut, my kill dragging behind me. The wolf didn't want to share her kill with others, but I wanted to give at least a little to Isaac, he must be getting sick of birds. Isaac took a few stripes of meat and let me have the rest. As soon as we got back to the den we dug in it was delicious, and there was still loads left for tomorrow. Then I remembered something I had to go get. Jogged up to the tree hut.
[Hey Jordan, tell Issac to hand down my blanket]
[OK Cairo]
"Hey Isaac Cairo's here she wants her blanket now!" He called
Something fell down. My blanket.
[Thanks Jordan]
[No problem]
Then I ran off blanket in mouth. Back to the den it, was getting dark. I needed rest it had been a long day. I had a few mouthfuls of pig then went to sleep on my blanket.

P.S I drew that wolf myself and it took along time to do.


  1. Fantastic drawing, squidlette :-)

  2. I agree with mr woody fantastic drawings you should enter the matainui art competition with that or even another one cause thats awesome!!!=-]

    P.S i lost the game!!!!! =-[