Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learning earth

I was in space. It wasn't cold and a could breath fine. It wasn't space. Some creepy things appeared in front of me. "Cairo" My ears prick up at the sound of my human name. [My name is not Cairo. That is my human name, other animals call me Alade] I didn't know why but it felt like my true name. "That is good but it is not what we are joined for"
[Well then lets get on with it]
"Of course. Lets get on with it then" As we stand there I fell a sudden warmth come over me. "You have a lombax friend, Jordan, correct?"
[Yes] I suspect he's trying to distract me. I feel why. The calm warmth grows angry and red hot. I try and suppress it. [Why do you ask?]
"He is traveling to this land as we speak" The pain subsides slightly. "The pain is part of learning. It will happen every time you ask something of us. I have imprinted the instructions on the power of earth into your mind. Use them wisely"
[One more thing were is Jordan?]
"He will be here in about five minutes. Good bye Alade"
[Cya] He melted away with the rest of the scenery. I was in the spirit world. Some one approached me. It was Jordan. Still a lombax. I ran towards him. [Where is Lola? How did you get here?] When we reached each other I turned human. "Jordan! Why are you here?" He looked at me for a moment in a sanded and confused kind of look. Finally he asks me "Where are we?"
"Where in the spirit world. Our wings should arrive soon. What color do you want them?"
"Can I have gold eagle wings?"
"Of course you can. You can have anything you want here" After this little conversation I ran over to the nearest wing order building. "One gold eagle and one black angel. Thanks"
I run back to Jordan "They will be here in 3 2 1" Our wings arrived. I didn't know how I knew how to do this. All I knew is that Jordan was here. Suddenly all the anger and stress he had caused me just floated away. All I knew was I couldn't give a damn about the past. "You died?" He asked carefully. "No. I'm a spirit. Spirit's can travel to this world whenever they like. I can do anything here this is my second home" It was my turn to ask him.
"So why are you here?"
"I was sucked into a video game and killed by the intense heat"
"Is Lola here?"
"I haven't seen her. We should go for a fly around" Saying this I took off with my new wings. It felt awesome. I couldn't reach the speed I can on my air board, but its still fun. Jordan disappears. So does the spirit world. I must be waking up.

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