Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day four

It was dark when we got up Isaac had awoken me worried about sounds in the trees. It sounded to me like some sort of wolf creature but we couldn't be sure. I lit a fire and made a torch I made one for Isaac two. My reason for using fire was because it sounded like a wolf and wolves were scared of fire. We shone out torches toward the forest and were rewarded with a glimpse of what looked like a werewolf scampering off into the trees. We packed up camp quickly all signs of drowsiness had dispersed. At last we were off toward the tree hut at a fast walk. Although I was tired after about a half hour, and I bet Isaac was to, neither complained. We kept up the pace until about a three hours after sunrise we were nearly back at the tree hut by then. We finally arrived and Isaac collapsed and I wondered if he had gotten much sleep last night. I woke him up to tell him I was going hunting as we where running out of protein bars. We needed meat. As I made my spear I wondered what there was to hunt on this island. Isaac had said something about wild boar. But maybe I would just go for some wild birds instead. As I reached the bottom of the ladder we had made I stopped and stayed perfectly still. Then involuntarily a let out a blood curling scream I was sure half the island had heard. There was something on the ground it was a turquoise sort of color very snake like but it had legs it had not mouth. It was around 8 meters long and kind of looked like Jordan C in a strange sort of way. It just rolled its eyes at me as if to say "Well your no princess either". Suddenly I had a vision of Jordan C sleeping on a cave floor and changing over night. I was sure that some how this thing was the Jordan I knew and loved, and somehow he had gotten that image into my head. "Hello?" I said with I little uncertainty "who are you". Another image popped into to my head this time it was just Jordan sitting at his desk in school. "I understand Jordan, don't go up until until I tell you to Isaac and I had a long night". He nodded. "Can you hunt" I asked him. He nodded again. "Good can you go hunt some food for us Isaac needs meat right now hes exhausted and we may need the remains of the protein bars later" Then suddenly I noticed the bag on its large back and asked "Jordan would you like to live with us?" He nodded quickly. "OK then give me your bag and I'll go put it up in the tree hut" He took it off and gave it to me "see you soon then". He quickly ran off into the trees. The next hour was insanely boring. I stayed in the tree hut not wanting to be seen by people that may have been passing by. Isaac didn't wake. I heard sounds on the ground below and looked down. Jordan was back but before I could say a word He started up the tree not bothering with the ladder but using suction cups on his feet and hands. He reached the top in record time and quickly handed four birds to me. "Thank you so much Jordan!" Whoops the sound had woken Isaac who yelled at the site of Jordan "Relax Isaac its Jordan he was mutated" Isaac had a look of intense interest on his face. But the look faded and turned to excitement when he saw the bag "is that mine?"
"No its Jordan's"
"Don't worry well find yours soon Isaac"
"OK" thats seemed to give him little hope. Then suddenly he did what most boys will do at the age of 12 "Whats for dinner?"
"Well I was about to start cooking, you can help if you want to"
"Um no thanks" He said quickly
"Well just so you know we are having birds I don't know what kind, Jordan caught them"
"Oh, OK, well what can I do while your cooking?"
"Maybe you could help find some bugs for Jordan to eat"
"OK sure"
"Well then there on the ground there will be millions of them. Just be careful"
"OK bye then"
Then I was alone. Nothing interesting looked like it was going to happen. I was right nothing interesting did happen. I made my way down to the beach. I lit the fire quickly. Plucking the birds took awhile but when it was done they just looked like regular chickens from the supermarkets. Kind of. But they were edible it didn't matter that they looked strange. At 6:00 they were ready to eat. Isaac arrived saying that Jordan had gone to build a cave for himself under the tree hut. So we ate silently. After that we just went top bed nothing strange.

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