Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 8

I try to wake up. Its still dark. I go back to sleep. I wake up about three hours later. First I have a little pig then I ran to the tree hut. The sunlight sparkles on my fur. It's warm outside and very sunny. As I run toward the hut I hear voices "Isaac I don't believe it you cant do it, you can not get that radio to work let alone pick up a signal and get help. Even so think what would happen to Cairo she can never lead a normal life even with her powers. Why put her through that?"
"Well look at the awesome science behind her in the future if scientists get hold of you and her they could discover the secret of shape shifting."
"Just like you always thinking of yourself of science. I bet you couldn't give a raccoons tail about what awful tests they may run on us. As long as you get your powers right?"
My ears could hear every word even though I was still 500 meters away from them. I stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Isaac didn't care what happened to me and Jordan. The ones who stuck by him when no one else did. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears. I started running again. Why would Isaac, one of my best friends, say something like that? If wolves could cry I would be in a lake by now. But the feeling I had now was worse than tears. It was indescribably painful. It felt as though I had been ripped to shreds and then I had been put in a fire. If you have ever had one of your best friends go telling your worst enemy your darkest secrets or some other form of back stabbing you will know about 1/100 of the pain I'm felling now. I stopped again this time just under the hut and howled in sorrow. "Isaac in leaving you, you can have all my stuff. I don't need it. I don't need you either. Cairo do you want to come with me?" He yelled
[Yes, why stay with a guy who wants to sell me off for science]
"Cairo's with me Isaac good bye"
Then we left. We walked for 10 minutes then Jordan had an idea. He turn to ratchet and put mind barriers around us. While we walked I tried shape shifting. It took me 4 tries to get it right. After that it was a breeze. turn into my old form, the human. I played around a little changed my eyes from glacier blue to sea green and back again. This was fun. After I had mastered it I turned back to wolf as it was essayer to concentrate. Then attempted telepathy. This took less time than the shape shifting. After all quite a few mutants have it already they just don't know it. [Hey Jordan I just worked out telepathy and shape shifting]
[Good know we can keep quite when walking talking makes noise that other groups may hear. Plus we are walking past the place I last saw Sean. So in short no talking erm howling, growing whatever wolves do]
[Got it. So were are we going?]
[Under the island to the war]
[How do we get there?]
[First we go to the edge of the valley I tell you more later]
[OK] We continued at a jog but it just wasn't fast enough for the wolf. I started running full speed. I could feel the wind whistling though my fur as the trees seemed to rash past me. I picked up a movement in the bushes beside me. It wasn't Jordan. It was something else. I stopped just as it burst out of the bushes. It looked like a squirrel but it wasn't. I watched it while I waited for Jordan to catch up to me. Whatever it was it was intelligent. Jordan showed up and scared it off. I looked up and realised why it had been scared. Looking back at me was Ratchet. [Nice] We carried on in silence. I jogged with him this time. We finally reached the valley. Jordan multiplied and turned the other him into clank. He latched onto Jordan's back. "Tomorrow I will turn an object into a land stalker so we can train."
[OK then]
"Hang on I'm going to have some fun" Then I put his hands to his head and concentrated. Soon after he did this a giant pool of ice cream popped up at the end of the valley. Then as quick as the ice cream pool had come I pile of round things popped up next to them. [What are they?]
"These are ice cream plates. They are the key to all this" He said as he pointed towards the ice cream pool "And I have made it never ending anyone can enter it with the plates. It will never melt."
[Wonderful. Do you want me to fly over the island and hand them out?]
[C ya later then] Just as I was transforming something happened. Something amazing. I was still a wolf but I didn't feel solid any more. "Cairo" Jordan gasped. "Your a spirit wolf" I tried going back to normal form. It worked. I was back to the full solid wolf. [Amazing] I tried shape shifting into something other than spirit wolf. I could only do one thing. Human, but not my human form. I was an adult . Beautiful. With long silky black hair. Gold eyes, like my wolfs eyes. The sun appeared from behind the trees. My skin looked kind of like the vampires off twilight. Just a little dimer. It must be the diamonds from wolf form. "Will you approach them in wolf or human?" Jordan asked "I will travel in spirit wolf but I will change as I draw closer." Just then I realized I wasn't naked. I had a silver dress on. Silk. "OK I'll go now"
"See you soon then" Then I was off on my quest. Running is an instinct and I was a spirit so I went right though objects. All I had to concentrate on was the others thoughts. I only found half of them. I think a few were in some sort of force field thing so I couldn't read their minds. I chose to go to the boys in wolf form as I didn't want to be waiting half an hour to get moving again. Eventually I was back with Jordan. It was getting dark and I cant control the wolf at night. I dropped in on Jordan ,in human, to tell him that I could only find a certain amount. So he put the rest just out side the force field he had made. Then made I sign above it read: 'You must be wearing a chest plate to enter the ice cream pool. Each one has a name on it and DNA censors if you put anyone else's on it will shock you severely. If you don't want to carry yours around leave it on the hook with your name on it.' After this I wandered off to find a place to sleep. We had to have a good sleep tonight because tomorrow we will enter the war. [Night Jordan]
[Night Cairo] But sleep eluded me for quite awhile. But I got there eventually.

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