Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day two

I wake up to the sound of the dawn chorus. Its loud but beautiful. I eventually got up at 7:00 am
but only because Sean yelled at me the Isaac and Jordan were about to leave for the plane. I jumped out of bed and ran toward them not even bothering to eat first. After all there are such things as lachrymose leaches. As it turn out Jordan and Isaac had just eaten something so we still had to wait and I had one protein bar as we were all ready waiting. At 8:45 we jumped in the water it was freezing but we soon adjusted. Waves washed over us but we just kept on swimming toward the plane.Finally we got there I swam down to look for the door. I was chosen for this task as it is normally true that females have larger lungs then males I don't believe it but Isaac and Jordan did. As it turned out they were directly above the door so I bobbed up to the surface and few seconds later with the door in my hands. It was very heavy and I needed to save my strength. It had been agreed that Jordan and I would go in first and Isaac was going to wait for us to come up then go down. I handed it to Isaac, it floated so he could sit on it while waiting for us to come up then he wouldn't have to treed water and waste energy. Jordan went under I went about 5 seconds later. After about 10 seconds swimming we reached the plane. We swam inside. It was dark sea creatures were already inhabiting it. A family of turtles swam past us and we swam toward the air pocket in the tail of the plane. Finally air. We searched the plane but only found Luke's bag stuck under a seat near the middle of the plane. "Isaac's bag must have been taken out in all the confusion" Jordan said quietly "Do you think he'll ever find it?" I asked him. "No" he replied. "Go get Luke's bag we'll see whats in it". He started toward it we were getting tired I checked my watch 10:00 "We better go up soon Isaac and Sean will be worried" I said to myself. Suddenly the bag was dislodged I fell toward the other end of the plane. I swam towards it. Yes got it. Now back up to the tail. Jordan was waiting for me. All of a sudden Isaac was coming toward us. "You shouldn't have come!" Jordan yelled. "Relax Jordan. We have been in here awhile. Isaac probably came to see if we were all right. Besides he can help us get more stuff to the island". So in the end Isaac did help us he carried the radio and a life raft and I had insect repellent and a survival blanket. Jordan had three things and what looked like something else that he wasn't planning on sharing with us. So after all that we got into Isaac's raft and paddled with out hands back to the island. Half way back Jordan jumped out swam back to the island to Sean who had been waiting for him and packed up camp. They ran off as soon as Jordan reached the shore. We discussed our options after we got back to shore. Finally we decided to go around drifting on the currants and find a place good for building a tree hut. We hadn't been going long when we saw the perfect spot. We set to work nearly strait away I. gathered good strong branches while Isaac built the hut how he liked after all he was the one who was going to be in it I would be in my hammock. We finally finished work. I ate my last pack of noodles dry. Then not to long after it had been decided that Isaac would scout on ground and I would find a tall tree climb it, and take a look around. It was hard work but well worth it. When I reached the top I saw nearly everything the most interesting was in the middle of the island. It was big nearly the size of a soccer field it was oval shaped, wait a moment it has something craved on top it looks like a square with a triangle in it. Maybe its an alien space ship. I might find out later on but it seemed that something was hovering above it it speed off before I got a good look all I saw was that it looked like a large silver bullet it speed off toward the smaller island. I went down to tell Isaac about it he was no where to be seen so I went back to the tree hut it was getting a little dark but I knew better that to light a fire in the bush I tramped out to the beach fire starting tools in hand. It didn't take long for it to start and when it did it was a welcomed blaze but then I realized if i ate my last pack of noodles what was the point of fire? I quickly extinguished it and went back to the tree hut feeling rather silly. Isaac was there a, welcome site I told him about what I had seen he looked a little embarrassed about something. I asked about it but he just shook his head. I went into my hammock just next to the hut. I feel asleep almost immediately.

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